Kitchen Care

Kitchen Care -Kitchen Cleaning Liquid, Dish wash, Descaler, Drain Cleaner

Kitchen care

tri.x K1 Det is a utensil cleaner concentrate detergent for manual dish washing.

tri.x K2 Kitchen Multi is a all purpose cleaner concentrate for pot wash, kitchen floors, walls, ceiling and kitchen equipment’s.

tri.x K5 is a highly potent  cleaner formulated to remove the lime –scale deposits from various surfaces. It is effective removes lime scale from kitchen equipment’s like dish washing machine, boilers, tiles, bathroom fittings, glass , steamers etc.

tri.x K7 is a non staining steel cleaner cum polishing agent suitable for cleaning and polishing of stainless steel surfaces. It is a free flowing high coverage, low surface tension liquid.

tri.x K9 is a highly potent degreaser cleaner for areas soiled by carbons deposits. tri.x K9 is recommended for ovens/grills, oil filter, hoods, fryers, gas range, trays & equipment’s soiled by heavy carbonous deposits.

tri.x K11 is an innovation biological halogenated drain cleaner formulated specifically for maintaining and cleaning of drainage pipes, grease traps and sewage pits. Tri.x K11 is an innovative high performance liquid formulation developed to digest grease, proteins starch and cellulose.

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