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tri.x H11-Floor Cleaner Concentrate

tri.x H11-Floor Cleaner Concentrate


Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Pack Size 2×5 ltr

GST 18 % Extra

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tri.x spin H11 is a floor cleaner concentrate. It is specially formulated for oily/ greasy work area.


  Normal soiling :- 20 ml per litre of water.

      Heavy Soiling  :-50 ml per litre of water.

          Spotting   :-Use directly.


  • Specially formulated for oily/greasy floors.
  • Economical in use.
  • Can be use with scrubbing machine.
  • Most effectively used to clean heavy soiled oil & greasy area like a kitchens, hotels, restaurants, factories,workshops,gaurages,service stations, outer area etc.

CAUTION :-  Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and foods, Immediately take off all contaminated clothing, wash hands during break and at the end of the work, avoid contact with eye and skin

PRODUCT DATA    :-  PH:  8.5 to 10.5

:- Colour  :-

:- Lavender, Lemmon

This data is standardised, but typical to maintain uniform in normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

STORAGE INFORMATION :- Store in a cool, dry place, away from sun light


2X5 Litre.

10×1 Litre.

PERSONAL PROTUCTION AND SAFTY INFORMATION :-  Wear hand gloves while handling for sensitive skin, On inhalation, Eye contact, Ingestion and any emergency obtain medical attention, Detailed safety data Sheet is provided in product MSDS , to obtain MSDS, Please contact on Consumer care  no:09599186606    Email:consumercare@orbittrix.com

Only for  Professional users/specialist. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of product application  recommendation are based on test and practical experience, The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage from improper product use, To ensure, kindly use on hidden area of the surface to be


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