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tri.x K9- Oven/ Grill Cleaner (1 Litre)

tri.x K9- Oven/ Grill Cleaner (1 Litre)


Oven / Grill Cleaner

Pack Size 12×1 ltr

GST 18 % Extra

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tri.x K9 is a highly potent degreaser cleaner for areas soiled by carbons deposits. tri.x K9 is recommended for ovens/grills, oil filter, hoods, fryers, gas range, trays & equipment’s soiled by heavy carbonous deposits.

DILUTION:- It is a ready to use product


  •  tri.x K9 is highly effective to removal of heavily carbonous & backed on deposits.
  • After cleaning the efficiency of equipment’s will increased.
  •  tri.x K9 is a non perfumed grill/oven cleaner,leaves no taint or smell.
  • tri.x K9 is economic in use

CAUTION:- It is highly alkaline, use of hand gloves is mandatory, Use of protection eye goggle is also recommended. Avoid contact with alkaline sensitive surfaces, Always test on a hidden area to ensure computability with surface

DIRECTION OF USE:-.Direct spray on the surface and heat up 60 degrree centigrate,Allow contact time from 10-30 min,depending on the soil,wipe with wet cloth & rinse off.
PROODUCT DATA      :-  PH      12.0 to 13.5
                       :-  Colour less

Fragrance :-  Odourles

This data is standardised, but typical to maintain uniform in normal production and should not be taken as a specification

STORAGE INFORMATION :- Store in a cool, dry place, away from sun light.   


12×1 Litre.

PERSONAL PROTUCTION AND SAFTY    INFORMATION:- Wear hand gloves while handling tri.x K9 for protection, hand gloves is mandatory, use goggle for eye protection, inhalation, Ingestion and any emergency obtain medical attention, Detailed safety data sheet is provided in product MSDS , to obtain MSDS, Please contact on consumer care  no: 09599186606

Email:- consumercare@orbittrix.com

Only for  Professional users/specialist. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of product application  recommendation are based on test and practical experience, The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage from improper product use, To ensure, kindly use on hidden area  of  the surface to be clean


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